Buried treasure, a one-handed incel, cops on the tail of subway lovebirds, and a bloody battle for the python hunter

This Week in Crazy America.


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CA weekly June 12 2020
(clockwise from top left) Python hunter Mike Kimmel; Coel Carini; treasure; Shaun Michaelsen; subway sex couple; Kevin T. Brownlee
(Credits: Instagram; Western Virginia Regional Jail; Pixabay; Palm Beach Co. S.O.; Twitter; Delaware State Police)

Cole Carini, an incel from West Virginia, will now have even more trouble satisfying those primal urges after blowing off one of his hands. He also seriously damaged the other hand as an attempt to exact revenge on “hot girls” literally blew up in his face. The hapless Carini has been collared for a plot to bomb attractive women as revenge for them always rejecting him. Instead, his home-made device has seriously limited his options for some self-satisfaction.

Man accidentally blows off his own hand with homemade bomb

Meanwhile, while Carini suffers from an inability to satisfy those basic human needs, others have been indulging just a little too publicly. The NYPD, which has had its hands full the last couple of weeks battling looters and managing some peaceful protests, has returned to the case of a couple caught on video in a lewd act. The copulating pair were first spotted in mid-May but New York’s finest announced this week they are stepping up their efforts to track them down.

Cops step up search for couple who had sex on the subway

X marks the spot. Or it did. A ten-year treasure hunt is finally over after one plucky adventurer found loot that had been hidden in a remote part of New Mexico. The challenge was set by art dealer Forrest Fenn who buried a chest of gold and jewels in the Rocky Mountains all those years ago. Fenn did it, he says, to give people hope after the last big recession. Hundreds of thousands tried and failed to find it. At least 5 died. The lucky treasure hunter can now enjoy his $2 million booty.

Buried treasure that eluded hundreds of thousands of people is finally found

Road rage can affect us all from time to time. Many of us have honked or even gesticulated at some minor annoyance. We are not proud we do it, but something about getting behind the wheel seems to usher in the red mist far more easily. But Kevin Brownlee is in a completely different category. When another motorist pointed out that Brownlee’s reckless driving was a danger to everyone on the road, Brownlee punched the man, tried to run him over, and then, eventually, shot him. The victim is expected to survive. But Brownlee faces an attempted murder rap and could be going away for a very long time.

Man charged with attempted murder after wild road rage incident

A creepy middle-aged man is facing felony charges for allowing an unrelated 12-year-old girl to drive his car and speed in it at 85 mph. Shaun Michaelsen of Florida told cops he just wanted to be like a “cool dad”. The 41-year-old, who says he is friends with the girl’s mother, has been charged with child neglect and allowing an unauthorized person to drive.

Man let 12-year-old drive Jeep at 85 mph to be “cool”

Finally, renowned Florida python hunter Mike Kimmel had the fight of his life trying to subdue his latest quarry. Kimmel is known across the sunshine state and beyond as very handy when it comes to taming the troublesome pests. But this week he spotted a super-sized serpent who wasn’t quite ready to go gently into that good night. The reptile, which was a whopping 17-foot long and weighed roughly 150 pounds, gave Kimmel the fight of his life. The hunter won, but only just – and he’s got the wounds to prove it!

Python hunter comes out on top in bloody battle with 17-footer

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