Couple gets it on with a dog, man helps son attack classmate, a counter reaction to Black Lives Matter and woman fights off bear with a laptop

This Week in Crazy America.


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The sickest folks of this week, and probably of this month, are a couple who face charges for having sex with their dog. Yes folks, this really is a hard tale to tell. We believe the dog in question is now ok and has been taken away from its wayward owners. In fact, they are likely to have plenty of time in jail soon to think about their horrific actions.

The woman, Nolene Horn and her partner Christopher Jones, have become the first people ever indicted in the state of Kentucky under a new law against bestiality. The state attorney general Daniel Cameron is pretty bullish about securing a conviction for what he called an “obscene and heinous crime”. Let’s see.

Couple charged over sex with their dog

In California, meanwhile, a woman had a very different kind of encounter with an animal. The unnamed lady was taking an evening nap in her backyard in Sierra Madre when she was awakened to the sensation of someone chewing on her leg. To her absolute terror, it wasn’t just her friendly little dog, but a brown bear who thought he had found dinner. Reacting instinctively, the woman picked up the nearest thing to hand – which happened to be her laptop – and bashed the bear over the head with it. Thankfully, that scared the critter away. Things could easily have been so much worse!

Woman fights off bear with laptop

A man in Washington state tore up every parenting manual there is to help his son pummel and stab a 12-year-old rival. The man, in his forties and named as Martinez D. Mitchell, helped his son, who is also 12, inflict multiple serious injuries on the victim. The two pre-teens were said to have had a longstanding, bitter rivalry. But the situation called for Mitchell Sr to be the grown-up in the room – not to act like another juvenile. Both father and son now face charges in the attack.

Father helps son beat and stab another 12-year-old boy

We all know that there are lots of guns in Texas. Nonetheless, one drunk’s reaction to being refused admission to a bar in San Antonio was still a shock.  After hearing “no” the loon, then started shooting indiscriminately outside the bar with a long gun he retrieved from his car. He wounded eight people but fortunately did not kill anyone. As of this week, he was still on the run. Let’s hope they catch him before it’s time for his next drink!

Gunman wounds 8 after being denied entry to Texas bar

Of even more concern this week was mounting evidence of a sinister counter-reaction to the explosion of the Black Lives Matter movement. Worst of all, we saw a burning cross placed in the yard of a young activist. Seventeen-year-old Trayvon Brown who had organized a protest in his home town of Marion, Virginia was the target of this KKK-style intimidation. Remarkably, the young man said he was unafraid and will keep doing what he is doing.

Burning cross found at home of Black Lives Matter activist

Still disturbing, albeit slightly more comical, was the man spotted wearing his KKK robes in Wisconsin while taking his dog for a walk. The man, named as Charles Michael Booth, even felt relaxed enough to wave at his neighbors and others he encountered on his stroll. In an age of increasing polarization, let’s hope this is not the new normal!

Man dons KKK robe and hood to walk dog, waves to neighbors

Finally, the least surprising news of this week: Americans are more miserable than they have been for decades. A new poll found that just 14% of American adults say they’re very happy, down from 31% who said the same in 2018. That year, 23% said they’d often or sometimes felt isolated in recent weeks. Now, 50% say that. Remember this though: however bad it seems things are, they have been 10 times worse in recent human history. This too will pass!

Americans are the unhappiest they’ve been in 50 years

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