Fake cop hanging, unorthodox carjacking, a horror movie set in Harlem and the incredibly lucky lottery coin

This Week in Crazy America.


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CA weekly images - 26 Jun 2020

A disturbing story out of Florida revealed a hoax cop hanging. Responding to reports of a suicide, cops raced to a location on state interstate -95 in Jacksonville where a corpse was apparently dangling in a noose from a bridge. The “body” turned out to be a mannequin in a police uniform with a pig’s head attached to it. Certainly, it was disrespectful to the boys in blue, to put it mildly. The culprits remain at large.

Dummy dressed as cop found hanging from highway overpass

The battle over masks is getting increasingly fraught. We’ve had people detained by the police for not wearing one in certain places, and many others publicly shamed for their lack of a face covering. This week, in a viral video, a middle—aged gentleman decided to fight back, literally. He used all his strength to force his way into a Walmart in Orlando, past the flailing arms of a worker trying to stop him. The rebel was later accused of “spitting all over the place”. But he did make some kind of point, we suppose.

Man without a mask fights his way into a Walmart

Another wild story saw an unusual and terrifying carjacking. Rather than bundle the driver out of their seat, a would-be carjacker simply sat on top of a poor woman and drove away in her car. The suspect, Tomasz Dymek of Queens, was apparently not satisfied with the dollar he received from the victim from a panhandling attempt, so decided on a spontaneous carjacking attempt. Thankfully, Dymek was eventually caught, but not before he had led police on a chase all the way into Pennsylvania with the terrified 66-year-old woman pinned underneath him!

Carjacker sits on driver, leads officers on chase

Staying in and around the Big Apple, a bloody brawl in Harlem this week resulted in a man ending up with a meat cleaver seemingly embedded in his skull. The twist on the story? Rather than being incapacitated as you might thing, the stabbing victim, Roberto Perez, was merely walking wounded. A crazy Instagram video shows him strolling into the ambulance as cool as a cucumber. He looked more like an extra on a horror movie set than a real crime victim. Police said the butcher’s knife didn’t fully penetrate his skull. That’s why he escaped serious harm. Still, that’s going to hurt in the morning!

Man stays calm despite butcher’s knife embedded in his head

New Hampshire femme fatale Ariel Dupuis was finally caught after a two-day manhunt. In a strange and disturbing case, she and her partner in crime, are alleged to have kidnapped a man before robbing him and tying him naked to a tree. Cops nabbed her accomplice, Ronald Betances, first. But slippery Ariel managed to evade them for far longer. It seems a pretty open and shut case. One question, though: did she get those red marks seen in the mugshot in the struggle or does she just have a terrible skin condition?

Knifepoint kidnapping accomplice caught after two-day hunt

Heading west over to South Dakota, we saw some legit sick behavior in another worrying case. A couple have been accused with serious child abuse. They are alleged to have used an electric cattle prod on their four kids, and to have given the children various drugs. Apparently, the meth and marijuana that they forced on their brood were to discourage them from taking those substances in the future! We see – a bit of carrot and stick going on. At any rate, this is certainly an unorthodox parenting style, to put it kindly. They deny all the charges.

Couple deny using a cattle prod on their four children and forcing them to take meth and marijuana

Finally, one Michigan man has been enjoying some incredible luck. He has all asking just how does he do it? For the second time in just three years, Mark Clark has won a $4 million lottery scratch card game. And for the second time, he has done it using the same “lucky” coin given to him by his late father 10 years. Hey Mark, if you have some time after counting your winnings, we have a scratch card here we would like you to work your magic on!

Man wins $4M lottery scratch card game, again

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