Storming of the Bastille, Permit Karen, a clash of ideology for Florida seniors, and a joyride in a fire truck

This Week in Crazy America.


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CA weekly story image collage 3 July 2020

Perhaps the most striking image of the week was gun toting “Karen and Ken”. The wealthy, white, late middle-aged couple from Missouri confronted a mob that they say was encroaching on their property. “Ken” was brandishing a semi-automatic rifle and “Karen” had her own scary looking pistol. The couple – who were later identified as Mark and Patricia McCloskey – say they felt in fear of their lives. Mark McCloskey said that he thought their mansion was going to be burned to the ground: he said it would have been the “storming of the Bastille”. In fact, the couple themselves are now being investigated by a woke local prosecutor.

Couple point their guns at protesters

Less dramatic than the gun toting McCloskey’s, but definitely more annoying, was “Permit Karen” up in New Jersey. The meddling woman marched not one, not twice, but three times into the home of her Black neighbors to demand they show her their permit to build a new stone patio in their own yard. She then claimed that the homeowner assaulted her and called the cops. Give us a break Karen! When are these stories going to stop happening?!

Woman calls police on Black man over patio permit

We know that the summer heat can get unbearable, particularly down South. But one man in Louisiana went too far in his efforts to cool off. The young fellow, named Kevin Wise, was at an outdoor recreation store when he just felt an urge to jump into some water. So, as stunned onlookers reached for their cameras, he jumped fully clothed into a giant aquarium at the store. Wise will now have another chance to cool off, in a jail cell. He faces a criminal damage charge.

Shopper busted for taking cheeky dip in store aquarium

Retirement is supposed to be a time to relax. It is a time to kick back, enjoy cocktails by the pool and a lot of golf. It’s certainly a time to leave the hurly burly of partisan politics to the young folks. But that’s not the way seniors in one of Florida’s biggest retirement communities are seeing it. We learned this week about the vitriolic fights between Right-wing and Left-wing old timers at The Villages. The complex is located about one hour north of Orlando and is said to be generally peaceful. But a new video that surfaced this week shows a white woman in a Black Lives Matter t-shirt hurling abuse at Trump supporters driving by in golf carts. One of the older gents in a cart returns the vitriol with a shout of “White Power”. Calm down everyone and enjoy those golden years!

Florida seniors battle over their idea of America

In Ohio, pizza loving Jason Laska was gobsmacked when he brought home his usual pepperoni pie for him and his wife to munch on. The pepperoni had been arranged in the shape of a swastika. Sadly, we don’t think the kitchen staff meant to project the Hindu symbol of peace either. Apparently, it was all a big private joke for those who designed the pattern. Well, they’re not laughing now: they were quickly let go by the establishment. Something tells us there was a lot more to this story than meets the eye. Maybe we will find out one day soon.

Couple finds pepperoni swastika on their takeaway pizza

Amid all this hate and madness, thank god there is still some room for good old human compassion. In this heartwarming story it was shown by a family to a poor bear swimming with a tub stuck on its head. Tricia and Brian Hurt and their son, Brady, were fishing in Wisconsin’s Marsh Miller lake when they spotted the young bear in the water struggling to breathe with a food container stuck on its head. Not only did the Hurts take a chance themselves and free the bear from the tub, they stayed and watched it swim safely to shore and reunited with its mother. See, a little milk of human kindness didn’t hurt, did it?

Family saves bear swimming with head stuck in tub

Finally, spare a thought for a thirsty Alaska man who went to extreme lengths to get a drink but came up short. Dawson Cody Porter allegedly broke into a firehouse, stole a truck and drove it 15 miles with the emergency lights flashing. The urgent destination? A bar in a neighboring town. Sadly, for Porter at least, he never made it into the pub. Instead, he had to make do with the refreshments on offer in the Bristol Bay Detention facility.

Man steals fire truck, drives to bar with flashing lights on

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