Cop takes plunge to save drowning dog

Phoenix officer-cum-lifeguard rescues canine who got into trouble cooling off in canal.


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Phoenix PD Officer Conor McCarthy in the canal with Hank the dog, whom he helped to safety
Phoenix PD Officer Conor McCarthy didn't mind getting wet to help Hank the dog out of a spot of canal bother

Having somewhere nearby to take a refreshing dip is a godsend in hot weather.

But it seems doggy paddle isn’t always a swimming stroke one can rely on.

Last week, as temperatures in the Southwest soared, one Arizona pooch called Hank was so eager to test his dubious abilities in the water that he escaped from his family home and hopped into a nearby canal.

Luckily for Hank, when Phoenix Police Department Officer Conor McCarthy responded to reports of a drowning dog in said canal, he jumped into action – literally.

Without hesitation, McCarthy dived into the water and helped lead the hapless Hank to a waiting firefighter team on mercifully dry land.

Hank was then treated to a trip to a nearby fire station, where he was warmed up, calmed down, and given food and water.

Hank the dog recovering under the care of Glendale firefighters at a nearby fire station
Hank recovering under the care of Glendale firefighters at a nearby fire station

Afterwards, he headed to All Animals Rescue and Transportation, and – after an especially eventful dog day – was eventually reunited with his family. 

Video footage of the heartwarming rescue posted by the Phoenix Police Department has since been shared over 100,000 times on social media.

Hank’s family expressed their gratitude towards policeman-cum-lifeguard McCarthy for stepping up to the plate to rescue their beloved pet.

Lucinda Cook, one of Hank’s owners, said that Hank enjoys hanging out in a kiddie pool at home, but may have made the unauthorized trip to the canal for a proper cooling off. 

 “It’s amazing that Officer McCarthy was there at the right time, at the right moment to be a hero and actually risk his life to save Hank,” Cook told local news station CBS 12 News. “We love Hank. We are so thankful of Officer McCarthy.”

For his own part, Officer McCarthy was modest about his role in the rescue, insisting that he was just doing his job.

“Everybody’s a dog lover, a lot of people love dogs. I feel like if I wasn’t there someone else would’ve done it,” McCarthy said.

Hank is now safely back home under the watchful eye of his family, who hope he won’t be making a similar splash anytime soon.

He declined to be interviewed, but it’s been rumored he’s considering swimming lessons.

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