Husband forced cheating wife to cut off her lover’s head

New Hampshire man allegedly murdered his wife’s lover and made her behead the corpse after discovering affair.


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Police mugshots of Britany Barron and her husband, Armando
Britany Barron (left) and her husband, Armando, were both arrested.
(New Hampshire State Police)

A New Hampshire man allegedly beat up his wife, killed her lover and forced her to cut off his head after he found out about their affair.

Britany Barron, 31, claims husband Armando, 30, used her cell phone to lure her paramour, Jonathan Armerault, to Annett State Park last weekend, and then ordered her to shoot Armerault, according to an arrest affidavit obtained by the Keene Sentinel.

Britany told Keene police that after she refused, Armando grabbed the gun and ordered the 25-year-old lover into his car. Armando then allegedly instructed his wife to slit Amerault’s wrists before he shot the man himself, twice in the chest and once in the head.

Armando then allegedly forced Britany to drive the car to a camping spot they both knew, while he followed in his own car, stopping on the way to buy tarps, lighter fluid, household cleaner and a shovel.

Once at the camping site, Armando ordered his wife to cut off Amerault’s head and bury it apart from the victim’s body, according to the affidavit.

Jonathan Amerault, 25, was killed at the Annett State Park in Rindge.
(New Hampshire State Police)

Armando had allegedly planned to send texts from Amerault’s cell phone to allay suspicions over the man’s disappearance, but changed his mind at the last minute and destroyed the device.

Britany was then meant to tell her friends and colleagues at work, where she met Amerault, that she was taking some time to “clear her head” but was otherwise fine.

Armando left the scene after ordering Britany to take care of the body and letting her have two guns, including the one used to kill Amerault, the arrest document alleges. However, two campers spotted her Tuesday and called New Hampshire Fish and Game to report someone illegally camping in the area.

“I’m in big trouble,” Britany reportedly told investigators.

Officials discovered what was subsequently identified as Amerault’s car covered in a large tarp, sticks and branches, and later found his body wrapped in another tarp.

Cops took Britany into custody the same day and caught Armando a day later as he was driving away from home with their 9-year-old daughter. He reportedly told police that he was going to tell the girl her parents were getting divorced.

Armando pleaded not guilty to capital murder and assault for the beating of Britany. His wife also claims he put a gun in her mouth in front of their daughter before they left to kill Amerault.

Britany, who is pictured in her mugshot with two black eyes, pleaded not guilty to three counts of falsifying evidence and is being held without bail.

“This really started with her being beaten severely,” her lawyer, Richard Guerriero, said in court Friday, according to the Sentinel. “If you look at her face right now … she still has the bruising on her face and around her eyes and it’s described in the affidavit. Armando beat her severely and threatened her.”

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