Man fired 24 shots at woman, killing her in row over dog poop

Suspect Michael Close’s girlfriend said that he was known to suffer from personality disorder and had battled substance abuse.


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Isabella Thallas and Michael Close
Isabella Thallas and Michael Close (R)
(Denver District Attorney)

A Colorado sicko who is alleged to have killed a woman in a row over dog poop fired a mind-boggling 24 shots in the manic attack, new court details have revealed.

Michael Close of Denver apparently saw red when Isabella Thallas’s dog did its business near his apartment building. He then grabbed a semi-automatic rifle and fired the ridiculous number of rounds at 21-year old Thallas and her boyfriend, 27-year-old Darias Simon, according to fresh information disclosed at the suspect’s preliminary court hearing on Monday.

The details of 24-year-old Close’s hearing were reported by local news station KDVR.

Denver police homicide investigator Joseph Trujillo testified that authorities found six shell casings inside Close’s Ballpark neighborhood apartment, and 18 others outside his window.

Close is accused of firing from inside his apartment at Thallas and Simon, who were walking their dog.

Before opening fire, Close yelled at the couple after their dog pooped in a rock garden outside his apartment, according to Trujillo.

“Are you going to train that f—ing dog or just yell at it?” Close reportedly shouted from his window.

After the June 10, 2020 shooting, Close fled in his car and was arrested by police later that day. He is charged with first-degree murder and over a dozen other counts, and was denied bond Monday, the report said.

The suspect’s girlfriend, Chelsea Thompson, told police that after the shooting, her boyfriend called her crying, admitting to opening fire on two people, Trujillo testified.

Close was also crying and apologizing when he was arrested, Trujillo said.

Thompson told police her boyfriend had recently been diagnosed with a personality disorder and battled substance abuse.

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