Matthew Dolloff claims self-defense as he tries to get out on bail

BLM-supporting Denver security guard claims deadly force was justified after he shot dead a man who had attacked him with mace.


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Denver Shooting
Matthew Dolloff confronts protester Lee Keltner moments before fatally shooting him

The whole world saw it on video. Or at least we thought we did.

A security guard working for a Denver TV station, Matthew Dolloff, shot a man dead in broad daylight earlier this month after the man had sprayed him with bear mace.

You can argue that the deceased, Lee Keltner, did make a mistake in bringing the mace to what turned out to be a gunfight.

But for anyone who has seen the tape, Dolloff’s new claim that his shooting Keltner, 49, in the face and killing him instantly while Keltner was retreating, may be a bit of a stretch.

A lawyer representing Dolloff told a Denver judge this week that there was “obvious evidence of self-defense” in the fatal shooting of Keltner, according to CBS Denver.

The shooting happened on Oct. 10 during opposing right- and left-leaning rallies downtown — a “Patriot Muster” demonstration and a “BLM-Antifa Soup Drive” counterprotest.

Dolloff, 30, appeared in court on Wednesday via video from jail, where he has been held since shooting Keltner while being paid by KUSA-TV to protect its staffers.

Matthew Dolloff
Matthew Dolloff
(Denver Police Department)

Dolloff is battling to get his $500,000 bond reduced to give him a chance of being released as he awaits trial for second-degree murder.

As well as presenting the self-defense argument, Dolloff’s public defender, Valerie Cole, complained that a number of filings in the case have yet to be addressed in court, with no details given.

Judge Shelley Gilman said the motions had been filed too late and adjourned a decision on them as well as the bond amount for a hearing Friday.

Dolloff wore green scrubs and a surgical mask, answering “Yes, your honor” to questions from the judge about the legal process and his rights.

He was arrested by armed police immediately after the shooting that went viral with photos and video capturing the deadly confrontation with Keltner.

While represented by a public defender in the case, Dolloff also has an attorney representing his family, Doug Richards, who also insisted it was clear self-defense.

“Matt put his life and now his liberty in between the now-deceased and the 9NEWS employee,” the attorney told 9News.

“This was not a political assignment for Matt. This was simply Matt protecting your employee.”

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