Teen couple that disappeared from New York turn up safe and sound in Iowa

Young lovebirds finally surface after days of frantic searching by worried parents and cops.


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Kevin Figueros and Amaya Arguelles

A modern-day Romeo and Juliet, who fled New York City last week, have a lot of explaining to do after they finally surfaced at the weekend.

The star-crossed young couple were located on Sunday more than one thousand miles away. The 14-year-old boy and his 11-year-old girlfriend, both from Brooklyn, were found by cops in Iowa.

The boy, Kevin Figueros, of Midwood, was found at the wheel of his dad’s Toyota mini-van when he was stopped for speeding. He was with his girlfriend, Amaya Arguelles of Bensonhurst.

Police in the Iowa town of Council Bluffs thought they were dealing with just another routine speeding violation until they discovered exactly who was in the vehicle.

It wasn’t clear exactly why the kids had left the Big Apple. However, they left behind frantic family members after their disappearing act, prompting the NYPD to put out a search notice for them.

The young lovebirds were taken to the Council Bluffs Juvenile Detention Center and their parents were notified, NYPD sources said.

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