Teen mob pummels pregnant mom and aims drop kick at her toddler

Gang of youths launch ferocious assault on woman and then also attack her young daughter.


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Wild brawl in Brooklyn, Illinois
Footage captured the brutal assault on a pregnant mother

Many folks are scratching their heads about how cutting police is going to make communities safer.

Certainly, a pregnant mom in Illinois could have used some assistance from law enforcement as she was overwhelmed by a group of seemingly feral teen assailants.

The ferocious youths pummeled the poor mom and, most sickeningly of all, one of them appeared to aim a drop kick at her toddler.

The disturbing confrontation circulating on Twitter showed two young women attacking the woman as she stood with her young daughter outside a home last week in the village of Brooklyn.

Two of the girls are seen in the footage attacking the woman, pulling her hair and pushing her to the ground.

A third girl filmed the attack on the mom, who is pregnant, The Sun reported.

As the group clobbered the mom, a teen boy suddenly ran over and kicked the toddler in the head, the report said.

He then proceeded to stomp on the mother’s head, as she struggled on the ground.

The mom of the teen boy defended him on her Facebook, claiming the tot kick was an “accident,” the Mirror reported.

“He didn’t try 2 kick that baby he tried 2 jump over the baby on to her and made a mistake…as y’all can see the baby ran from under the girl fighting while he was coming down,” said the mom, who was not identified in the report.

“My kid is not that type 2 kick a baby…accident [sic] happen.”

Brooklyn Police Department said they responded to a “disturbance” involving both adults and minors Friday at Thomas Terrance Apartments.

They were able to speak to a female victim, who had suffered a minor head injury and was able to identify her assailants.

The accused attackers’ names have not been released pending charges.

Police said they are actively investigating and the case will be referred to the St. Clair County States Attorney’s Office.

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