Crossdressing fireman caught performing sex act on another man inside fire station

Tennessee firefighter resigns after passing cop mistook “male and female party” entering the station for burglars and went to investigate.


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close up of fire station

A Tennessee fireman has quit fighting fires after police caught him performing a sex act on another man inside a fire station while dressed as a woman.

The bizarre incident came to light after a police officer patrolling the town of Signal Mountain on October 6 spotted a man standing outside Signal Mountain Fire Station 2 and what looked like a woman inside the building, The Chattanoogan reported.

By the time the officer had turned around and pulled over to investigate, “the male and female party” were both inside the fire station, according to an Internal Affairs report cited by the local outlet.

Suspecting that a robbery might be in progress, the cop peered through the window of a training room at the station – only to be greeted with the sight of the firefighter dressed as a woman performing oral sex on the man.

Entering the building, the officer managed to take the man down with a leg sweep as he ran for the exit while zipping up his pants.

The man, identified only as a 45-year-old from Huntsville, Alabama, admitted in custody that the “woman” was actually a fireman who had let him into the station and was now hiding in the men’s bathroom.

The officer returned to search the station, where he was helped by a firefighter whom he later discovered was none other than the “woman” caught performing the lewd act.

The cop’s suspicions were aroused after he noticed lip gloss on the obliging firefighter’s lower lip, according to The Chattanoogan.

The firefighter, who has not been identified, eventually admitted to the officer that he he had let the Alabama man into the station, but tried to deny that a sex act had taken place.

However, the Alabama man showed officers a string of text messages on his phone purportedly from the firefighter trying to persuade him to come to the station for sex.

A black bag containing female clothes and a wig was also found in the men’s restroom.

No charges were filed and the firefighter later resigned.

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