Honeymooner stabs rideshare driver for looking at his new wife in rearview mirror

Young man celebrating his nuptials with “cougar” wife attacked the couple’s driver because the driver was supposedly lusting after the new bride.


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Rideshare Stabbing
Devonte Roberson and Chantilly Farmer
(Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department)

There is a classic song from the late 1970s that older readers of Crazy America may be familiar with.

It is called “When you are in love with a beautiful woman,” by American rock band Dr Hook.

The basic idea is that when you have a hot girl on your arm, other males are going to try and move in.

Part of the lyrics include these lines: “When you’re in love with a beautiful woman, you know it’s hard. Everybody wants her, everybody loves her.

Now, a newlywed man in Nevada may be too young to remember Dr. Hook’s warning but he has certainly taken the spirit of the song to heart.

In fact, he is now in hot water after taking the song’s advice far too far.

Of course, if you take a look at the police mugshots you can draw your own conclusions about how much the case reflects the situation depicted by the seventies songsters.

Nonetheless, the facts as we know them are as follows:

Devonte Roberson, 24, was celebrating his honeymoon with new bride Chantilly Farmer, 47.

Somehow they ended up both being involved in stabbing and tying up a rideshare driver who was helping to drive them around after they tied the knot.

The couple initially called the rideshare service after their car broke down while celebrating their nuptials in Mesquite, news station KVVU reported.

The driver then gave the couple his number so they could call him if they needed another ride while in town, police said.

When their car broke down again last Thursday, the honeymooners called the man to pick them up in Henderson, authorities said.

But en route back to Mesquite, the couple claimed the driver was hitting on the new bride, the outlet reported.

“[Roberson] said that while they were traveling back, he noticed that [the driver] was looking at [Farmer] through the rearview mirror,” the arrest report said, news station KSNV reported.

“[Roberson] became upset with this, so he decided to stab [the victim] in the right shoulder.”

He then ordered the driver to get in the backseat, where Farmer tied up the man’s hands with a shoelace, police said.

With Roberson now behind the wheel, they demanded the driver to give them his phone passcode and debit card PIN, the outlet reported.

When they reached a truck stop out of Las Vegas, the man was able to finally free his hands and jump out of the car, police said.

He was brought to the hospital with several injuries, including a head wound that authorities say “required multiple staples to close.”

The couple sped away from the scene, but they were later nabbed by authorities when they fell asleep at a truck stop in Alamo.

The honeymooners were booked at Clark County Detention Center on charges that include kidnapping, robbery and grand larceny of a vehicle, the outlets reported.

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