Man convicted for putting his semen in co-worker’s water bottle

California sicko also smeared ejaculate over female colleague’s keyboard after she refused to go on a date with him.


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Police mugshot of Stevens Millancastro
Stevens Millancastro
(La Palma Police Department)

When someone asks you out and you politely decline, that person’s reaction will sometimes confirm you’ve made the right decision.

Certainly, the California man who deposited his semen in a colleague’s water bottle and on her workspace after she rejected his advances won’t be starting an office romance anytime soon.

Stevens Millancastro, 30, was convicted Monday on assault and battery charges arising from his efforts to wreak revenge on the woman in La Palma between November 2016 and January 2017, the Mercury News reported.

Millancastro became obsessed with his co-worker and asked her out on a date, only to start bothering her with constant staring after she turned him down, prosecutors allege.

The unnamed woman at first asked her boss to intervene to get him to stop; but when that didn’t work she was forced to file an official complaint with the HR department, prosecutors said.

Cue Millancastro’s behavior sinking to the gutter.

The woman subsequently came to work on several occasions to find an unsavory cloudy substance in her half-full water bottle, according to the outlet.

Her boss agreed to set up a surveillance camera to monitor her desk, and reviewed the footage after she arrived at the office one morning to find a “milky white substance” coating her keyboard.

The film was handed over to investigators who determined that Millancastro had waited until the woman left before using tissues to smear the sticky matter on her keyboard and mouse.

Cops also found Millancastro’s semen in her water bottle and a bottle of honey she put in her tea every day.

During the trial, the woman testified that Millancastro made her feel “very, very uncomfortable,” and that she was disgusted by his conduct.

Millancastro’s attorney, Michael Morrison, admitted that his client’s behavior was “highly inappropriate,” but rejected the theory that he was seeking sexual gratification.

Instead, he argued that Millancastro’s vile campaign was retaliation for the woman’s HR complaint, and that he was afraid of losing his job or a promotion.

However, the court ruled that the acts were comitted for sexual purposes, and required that he be registered for life as a sex offender following his conviction.

Millancastro now faces up to two and a half years in prison; his sentencing is set for October 6.

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