White male professor condemned for posing as “woman of color”

The employee of the University of New Hampshire joins a long line of race fakers who have attracted heavy criticism.


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Craig Chapman
Craig Chapman
(University of New Hampshire)

The righteousness of transgenderism is now fully embedded in our contemporary woke culture. No questions asked.

If a person who is born a male wishes to identify as a woman; or vice versa for someone born a biological female, then social custom and pressure – for the most part – no longer stand in the way.

However, “transracialism” – being born one race but desiring to present as another is still widely condemned, as a case in New Hampshire has shown.

Of course, the practice was far more prevalent in America back when the country still tolerated laws that explicitly discriminated between citizens based on whether their distant ancestors hailed from Europe or Africa.

Given the lesser status then accorded to those of African descent there was a clear advantage in being able to “pass” as a Caucasian.

The phenomenon was perhaps most famously depicted in Fanny Hurst’s 1933 novel, “Imitation of Life”. The work, which was adapted into two major movies, told the story of a young Black woman who is so remarkably fair-skinned that she can present as an exotic European.

In one disturbing scene, the protagonist, Sarah Jane, is savagely beaten by her boyfriend after he discovers she is, in reality, Black.

And today, while the dynamics are very different, it seems that claiming to be a race that you are not still raises hackles.

A White male professor from the University of New Hampshire has been removed from the classroom for posing as a “woman of color” — the latest in a growing trend of race fakers who have paid a heavy price for their deception.

Craig Chapman allegedly secretly tweeted under the name The Science Femme and handle @piney_the to rail against the left, transgender and even people of color to his more than 13,000 followers.

In one post on June 30, The Science Femme, who purported to be a professor, tweeted, “I was successful in killing my dept’s woke statement on recent social unrest,” calling it “a toxic ideology that cannot be given an inch,” according to the student paper The New Hampshire.

The account boasted “removing all woke terminology from the statement including anti-racism, white supremacy, white privilege, and claims of systemic racism.”

The Science Femme’s account, as well as Chapman’s personal account, have since been deleted.

However, screenshots show The Science Femme repeatedly responded “I’m a woman of color” in counter-arguments online — including in September, when one user accused “her” of attacking people of color, according to a report in the Daily Beast.

“You know I’m a woman of color, right? Racist,” the bogus account replied.

In other posts, The Science Femme claimed to be “an immigrant woman of color who grew up in poverty, sleeping on a dirt floor.”

The account also targeted real women working in science, users told the Daily Beast.

Chapman joins a growing list of transracial people who have been punished.

The modern trailblazer of the category was, of course, Rachel Dolezal, a woman of wholly Czech Caucasian heritage who presented as Black for years and even headed her local chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

Dolezal was subsequently disgraced and widely vilified after being unmasked.

More recently, Black Lives Matter firebrand Shaun King has come under fire from those who claim he is also faking being Black in order to advance his career as an activist.

And earlier this year, Jessica Krug, a George Washington University professor of African American studies, confessed her Whiteness — after posing as a Black woman for years. Krug was eventually forced to resign.

Meanwhile, New Hampshire’s Chapman, who teaches chemistry at UNH, blew up his secret identity on Twitter — with a tweet about his brother’s brewery, Pinelands Brewing in New Jersey, which was posted on both The Science Femme and his own personal account.

He also posted the same photo of several coffeemakers on both accounts, with nearly the same caption. probing the bizarre incident.

Chapman’s employer told the Daily Beast it was looking into his conduct and that he would be out of the classroom for the foreseeable future.

“UNH was recently made aware of allegations on social media about a member of its faculty,” a spokesperson told the outlet. “We are deeply troubled by what we’ve learned so far and immediately launched an investigation. The employee at the center of allegations on social media is on leave and not in the classroom. In order to protect the integrity of the ongoing investigation the university is unable to comment further.”

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