Wildlife expert poses as elderly woman to catch aggressive turkey

Notorious bird had been attacking Bay Area residents for months.


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Gerald the turkey
Gerald, the infamous turkey, was finally busted after terrorizing visitors to Morcom Rose Garden in Oakland for many months
(Facebook/Wildlife Emergency Services)

A turkey who waged a terror campaign for months against residents in the Bay Area city of Oakland was finally apprehended last week — by a wildlife expert posing as an elderly woman.

The brash bird, better known by his nom de guerre, Gerald, started to acquire his “fowl” reputation around five months ago when he began attacking visitors to the neighborhood’s Morcom Rose Garden, local outlet KGO-TV reported.

Officials were even forced to shut the park in June due to public safety concerns.

Oakland Animal Services reported handling dozens of complaints about Gerald, whose ire appeared especially reserved for a particular demographic: older women.

Victims described the feathered assailant charging at them, before jumping up and frenetically clawing and pecking as they tried to get away, the station reported.

Gerald was finally captured last Thursday by Rebecca Dmytryk, director of Wildlife Emergency Services, who disguised herself as a frail, elderly woman and lured the animal with blueberries, kibble and sunflower seeds.

When, as expected, Gerald ran at Dmytryk, she said she “scruffed” the turkey, grabbing him by the neck in a way that wouldn’t cause injury.

He was later released onto wild land near Orinda, where it’s hoped he’ll ruffle fewer feathers.

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