Woman murdered and dismembered boyfriend then married her own father

West Virginia woman sentenced to 40 years in prison for killing her beau so that she could marry her dad.


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Amanda McClure
Amanda McClure
(McDowell County Prosecutor's office)

Natives of West Virginia understandably bristle at the reputation their state has for in-breeding. Or, as they may put it, getting it on with your own kin.

Certainly, other states are not immune from the sick urge to copulate with close blood relatives.

As Crazy America reported back in August, an unfortunate wife in Massachusetts got the surprise of her life when she walked in on her hubby having sex with his own mom in the marital bed.

However, a horrific case out of West Virginia has put incest in the mountain state back in the spotlight.

A woman from the state has been given a 40-year prison sentence for murdering her boyfriend so as to leave her free to wed her own father.

The perpetrator, Amanda McClure, 31, was accused of committing the crime in league with her father and sister. She pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and was handed the stiff sentence following the brutal killing and dismembering of her boyfriend.

The boyfriend, Minnesota native John McGuire, was murdered on Valentine’s Day in February 2019.

Amanda McClure’s father, Larry McClure Sr., 55, was handed a life sentence in August with no possibility of parole after copping to participating with his daughters in bludgeoning and strangling McGuire to death. The dastardly trio also injected poor McGuire with methamphetamine

After they murdered the boyfriend, McClure and her biological father had sex, and four weeks later married each other.

They are believed to have buried his body in a shallow grave on their property. Later, they moved the corpse to a location in Skygusty, West Virginia. McGuire’s remains were found on September 24, 2019.

Amanda McClure’s sister, Anna Marie Choudhary, 32, is yet to be sentenced.

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